SEO Tips: Don’t Underestimate Internal Linking

SEO Tips: Don’t Underestimate Internal Linking

Sometimes even the most proficient SEO experts underestimate internal linking, not to say about beginners in the field who basically get consumed in the keywords forgetting that internal links are a key factor of SEO effectiveness. Not only visitors to a website like having internal links on the page, but also search engines make good use of them and consequently increase your ranking.

Internal links are like a roadmap of your site. Don’t you want both search engine spiders and website visitors to see all the interesting “sights” that are there on your website?

Let’s find out why internal linking is important for search engines.

The more links you add to a certain page on your site the easier it will be for a search engine to see the hierarchy of content on your website. That’s why make sure there are many links to what you consider important pages of your site.  Internal links will also serve as a keyword validation for these pages. Provide keyword-rich anchor text to link related anchoring keyword text – this will increase the keyword credibility of the page.  Besides, search engine spiders “love” the “web” of interconnected pages. Smart website navigation plus a great link hierarchy provide additional pathways for search engines. As a result, your website will be ranked higher in the organic search list.

… and what about the people…

Don’t forget that your website was created for people in the first place. The products and services you offer are meant for anns, jacks, and jills who are the visitors to your website. Respect them and make them feel comfortable at your website.  This is where good navigation including a well-thought-out internal linking can help. Once a visitor has found your website on the global web, make sure they will find the path to what they are looking for. Chances are that this pleasant journey into the depths of your site will turn the visitor into a devoted customer…