Choosing the Right Time to Redesign Your Website

Choosing the Right Time to Redesign Your Website

Every website owner loves his website. And it is not an exaggeration – you’ve spent so much time cherishing your creation, improving every single detail to make it look great and interesting. Depending on its purpose a website can be the source of income or a place to express your thoughts and share information. No wonder, it can be very difficult for to consider your website redesign. Any change will result in some consequence. Today, we are going to find out when it is high time to redesign a website…and whether the game is worth the candle.

1. When the design is outdated.

The age of a website can be traced due to the trends typical of some time period. Thus, the way your website looks will tell everyone how old it is. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to implement the latest trends into your website design. But being “too traditional” is not the best decision in the IT world. Besides, be ready to change if you target at the young and middle-aged audience.

2. When your site fails to integrate the latest plug-in.

Don’t let your images and content get distorted because of the lack of a new plug-in. This case is definitely for a website redesign. Otherwise, you will simply lose your visitors.

3. When the SEO ranking is low while the Bounce rate is high.

The information your website provides MUST be fresh and interesting for visitors. Your website design is also important since it has to let the readers have a comfortable reading time. Good navigation and layout, smart linking – if your website doesn’t have these, it’s time to redesign. Remember that a person should get access to the information within 3 clicks.

4. Make it interactive.

Nowadays it is not enough to just present information at your website. People need interaction. Let them comment the posts/products you offer. Don’t forget about social media integration too.

5. When there is no unity of brand and website.

Your brand should be incorporated into the site. People should be able to recognize your brand/company by visiting your website. If Internet users still find it difficult to identify your website from the rest, then you might need to launch a new strategy to establish a brand. The first step here is to redesign your website, choosing unique symbols, using corresponding color schemes, … and finding professional web designers.