Why You Should Optimize Your Facebook Company Page Now

Why You Should Optimize Your Facebook Company Page Now

When you search for the keywords dealing with your brand, you definitely want your company website to be present in the top of Google search results. SEO should be your top priority here. Luckily, social media provide a great opportunity for you to optimize your business website.

Today, we want to tell you how you can optimize your Facebook company page and the way how your benefit from it.

First, optimize your company name.

Keep in mind that the Facebook name should be your company name only – stuffing in keywords, extra texts, as well as, special offers do not belong here.

Second, customize your Facebook page URL.

A customized URL will help the search engines to better understand what your Facebook page is about. Besides, a customized URL will be easier to remember for your fans. The URL can be optimized by changing your username. Note, this username will not influence your Facebook login. It will only be visible in the URL. You can type your company name adding a keyword if necessary.

Third, provide detailed brand information.

The information block is the best place for Facebook page optimization. Fill in the information section thoroughly adding target descriptive keywords. Provide a detailed description of your company or brand, the goods or services available at your page. Finally, promote yourself actively!

Fourth, link to your Facebook page from all over the web.

The calculation is simple: the more links come to your company page from other websites, the more authoritative search engines will think your company page is. That’s why, encourage customers to follow your Facebook page using a link from your company website. To increase the number of links, try linking to your fan page from your website and any social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc) you have. Guest posting with backlinks to your website and Facebook page is also a proven strategy here.

Finally, establish internal Facebook linking to your company page.

The more Likes you have, the better. Active interaction among your fans is what you should aim at – internal links form your fans’ profiles are important too. Build a fan base, call to action in your status, and use polls to survey your fans! You can also share images and videos that can encourage comments.

If you follow our tips on Facebook page optimization, expect a positive ranking signal from search engines. Higher ranking of your fan page means more visibility for your Facebook page which, in its turn, means more clicks to this page.

But don’t forget that a high-quality product and active engagement with your fan base should always remain the essence of your Facebook SEO strategy.