How Magento Newsletter Popup Can Grow Your Email Subscriber List?

How Magento Newsletter Popup Can Grow Your Email Subscriber List?

Here, at Plumrocket, we always think what else we can do to meet our customers’ current needs, how else we can impress them, and what products to offer to help them boost sales, increase traffic and transform their daily routine into a flawless and enjoyable yet profitable business.

Having analyzed the latest e-commerce reports and talked with our clients, we decided to focus more on Magento newsletter signup functionality. The reasons for these are as follows:

  • Numerous surveys show that the number of subscribers can be increased dramatically thanks to the use of Newsletter popup instead of the simple email subscription form. Marketing experts have been using this practice for quite a while and demonstrate how it helps to boost conversions.
  • Email marketing, closely connected with newsletter signup, is estimated to provide 10-30 per cent of traffic to your online store.
  • Finally, our customers’ requests for an easy-to-install and easy-to-use Magento Newsletter Popup Extension inspired us to come up with the long-awaited solution.

We’ve released our Newsletter Popup Extension for Magento a few years ago but today we want to present some new features that have been added to this plugin.

Before we start, let’s answer the key question of this post, ‘Why Using Magento Newsletter Popup Plugin is a Win-Win Situation for Sellers and Buyers?’

To be honest, there is not a single drawback or disadvantage of having this extension at your magento 1  or magento 2 store for you and your customers. On the one hand, visitors are simply offered to provide their e-mail, get a discount coupon and are regularly updated on what your site has to offer.

On the other hand, the possibilities for a site owner (or admin) are basically limitless. Using Magento email popup from Plumrocket you will not only collect data about email subscribers, but also have a valuable insight on your target audience and the efficiency of your marketing campaigns at your fingertips.

We are not boasting, but our Magento Newsletter Popup Extension is something we are truly proud of, since it is an up-to-date multifunctional plugin comprising all the features necessary to succeed in e-business.

First, there are 20 stunning templates (plus any third party magento theme is supported) that can also be customized to match your store color palette and general style. Admin can set custom conditions to display popup by device type, customer segments, product, category, brand, etc.


Another feature aimed at facilitating your work is Facebook integration allowing you to retrieve user email address with one click. And the renewed version of our extension is enhanced with a built-in integration with Twitter & Facebook Login magento extension and  Social Login Pro magento extension.

Newsletter popup statistics will also help you choose the most successful popup by running simple A/B tests. To monitor each Newsletter Popup you can check conversion rate, popup views, orders count, order grand total and total revenue. Moreover, there is complete history of user interactions with Newsletter Popup which shows successful subscriptions, related geo-location and time of subscription. Geo-location can be exceptionally useful for those people who own both a chain of bricks and mortar stores and a site representing these chain-stores.

Initially, there were three newsletter popup display methods created by our developers:

  1. “After specified time delay” is a standard popup display method used by majority of online merchants.
  2. “When user is leaving the site” (often called exit overlays or exit lightbox) – it’s a popular exit intent pop-up that will be displayed when a user is trying to close the tab or the window is out of focus.
  3. “Manually” – this very useful display method is used mainly by web developers who want to trigger popup display on their own custom javascript event.

But, a new newsletter popup display method has been added recently to plugin functionality – “on page scroll”. This is a rather simple method which makes the popup appear when a user is scrolling down the page. As a result, there are four newsletter popup display methods available for sellers. It’s up to you to decide which one suit you best. By doing simple A/B testing you will be able to select the most effective solution.

Note! The extension comes with an impressive black-list of disposable email address services and rejects subscribers using black-listed domains. To save time and not to distort statistics results, admin can also disable subscription history for specific IP addresses. This can be particularly useful when it is necessary to exclude store developers and testers from newsletter statistics.

In the nearest future, we are going to present the results of our research to you in order to show which settings can significantly influence the number of subscribers and the extent of sales.

To start with, there are some tips you can use right now:

Feel free to experiment with the popup design

Try using different themes; change the location of elements, the number of fields, popup size and animation, as well as texts and buttons.

Newsletter Popup should complement your site theme

There are 20 ready-to-use themes accompanied with 20 Photoshop templates coming with this extension. You can edit each of these magento newsletter templates as you like. Take some time and effort to make your popup unique and thus persuade visitors to your store that they are simply invited to sign up for your company news and offers, and the popup they see is not someone else’s Ad.

Test your popup display method

No matter how weird it sounds, even the number of seconds within which the popup will be displayed really matters. Our research shows that using «After specified time delay» method you should configure the settings for 4-5 seconds. Otherwise, you are likely to lose your clients.

Try different incentives

Newsletter popup for targetBrainstorm and try to catch your visitor’s attention to your popup. There is no 100% proven technique to guarantee success – all of your marketing ideas should be tested. Popular research shows that 60% of people decide to subscribe in order to receive a discount or participate in some event. Why not use this information in your marketing campaign! Whereas one store can benefit from «Sign up now to receive 20% discount on your next order» event, another one will be able to boost sales by using «Sign up now to receive $10 discount on your next order» message. The idea of giving presents to new subscribers proves to be very efficient too. For instance, «Sign up today and receive FREE chocolate». Details of your popup newsletters can vary depending on either upcoming holidays, or your target audience peculiarities, but we hope, you’ve got the point.

To sum it all up, Newsletter Popup Extension for Magento is a superb conversion tool that will turn your visitors into subscribers first, and later, make them loyal customers and buyers.