Presents Private Sales Script v2.0 Presents Private Sales Script v2.0

Private Sales Script v2.0 from was designed to provide you even more flexibility working with our solution.

The team of our web developers and engineers have thoroughly analyzed what our clients need for a better performance of their Private Sales sites, and added many new features to our new Private Sales Extension.

So, now Private Sales Script v2.0 allows you to:

  • open/close user registrations;
  • change welcome / confirmation texts – isn’t it a great way to stand  from the crowd by offering a unique and witty welcome text?
  • change home page layout using visual editor (e.g. change number of columns on home page, add/remove banners);
  • create boutique with one product only and bypass product list page if needed.

You can also work with different target audiences since the Plumrocket Private sales extension 2.0 allows you to create gender specific sections of sales, such as ‘Man’, ‘Woman’, ‘Kids’ depending on the range of products you have to offer.

More innovations deal with the splash page adjustments. Now your splash page can act as launching soon page, which very convenient for those website owners who have just started their website and plan to grow membership database before the first sale starts. You can also completely disable the splash page and redirect your clients right to the home page. It is also possible to upload splash page pictures and rotate background images.

Another new feature will allow you to control page access, i.e. to hide / open some of the pages for your members and visitors without an account. Besides, Private Sales Script v2.0 from now supports several Magento Private Sales Themes. Why is it good for our clients? Previously, it was rather difficult to set a theme different from the one written in the script since it required additional adjustments and settings. But today, due to the new feature, you can quickly and easily switch from one theme to another.

The rest of the Private Sales Script v2.0 features include:

  • auto / manual account approvals;
  • store front section (sales never expire);
  • product / sale preview by admin;
  • future sales preview by admin;
  • powerful URL Manager.

Visit the demo version of Private Sales Store to see how the script works and try the new features yourself!

Contact us to learn all the benefits of the new script!