Plumrocket Inc Presents New Multifunctional Magento Extensions

Plumrocket Inc Presents New Multifunctional Magento Extensions

The team at is delighted to inform you that we have recently completed the development of several Magento extensions that are going to totally change your idea of Private Sales Website building. We have thoroughly analyzed current trends and our clients’ needs to provide a better performance of their websites, and added new modules to our Private Sales Extension.
With our Private Sales Script 2.0 you will be able to make use of our multifunctional Magento extensions. These include URL Manager, ‘Live Feed’ and ‘Creativity’ modules, ‘Faves’ and ‘Cart Reservation’ and improved versions of the ‘Invitations’ and ‘Rewards’ modules.

Why PLUMROCKET PRIVATE SALES EXTENSION 2.0 is a good idea for your business.

Plumrocket Private Sales Extension v2.0 will convert your store into a Membership Website featuring special events, password access to site features, a fully configurable splash page with rotating background pictures and launching soon mode, dynamic shops, sales preview, multi-home page layout editor and integrated banner management system.

  • Now your splash page can act as a launching soon page, which is very convenient for those website owners who have just started their business and plan to grow the membership database before the first sale starts. You can also completely disable the splash page and redirect your clients right to the home page. It is also possible to upload splash page pictures and rotate background images. Besides, you can create gender specific sections of sales, such as ‘Man’, ‘Woman’, ‘Kids’ depending on the range of products you have to offer… and this is not a final list of what we have prepared for our clients.
  • For your convenience, our web developers have also created several Magento Private Sales Themes. Why is it good for our customers? Previously, it was rather difficult to set a theme different from the one written in the script since it required additional adjustments and settings. But today, due to the new module, you can quickly and easily switch from one theme to another. Magento Flash Sales Themes from are a great solution for those website owners who have come to stand from the crowd among numerous membership websites. 
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