Go Social with New Plumrocket Magento Extensions!

Go Social with New Plumrocket Magento Extensions!

We have previously told you about Magento Extensions provided by Plumrocket.com. Today we want to focus on three modules developed by our experts. These modules will turn your membership website into a real social network within your website community. These are Live Feed, Creativity and Faves Modules.

To begin with, Plumrocket Live Feed v1.0 is a module designed to realize dynamic content on your website which can positively influence on SEO too.  This type of content is what most popular sales websites greatly rely on. This extension allows users to observe customers’ activity on the website which can ultimately urge them to make another purchase. Plumrocket Live Feed v1.0 will provide users with frequently updated content. The Module aggregates all client-related actions in your Internet store on one single page presenting them a sort of statistics of products purchases, adding products to favorites and ’liking’ products via different social networks. The latter requires additional extension “Plumrocket Faves”.

Plumrocket Faves Module allows your website visitors to share their preferences in products or boutiques with their friends from various social media websites, which, in its turn, can bring you more clients with no need to spend money for advertisement. Note, the interaction between your internet store and social media generates a great number of links to your site in the Web, which is very important for efficient SEO. If you are a website owner, the statistics of customers’ preferences and user clicks can help you clearly understand what sort of products is popular among your clients.

Plumrocket Faves v1.0 adds “favorite” button on category and product page of your store. Social media buttons, such as “facebook like”, “twitter”, “google plus”, “pinterest” are also supported by this Magento extension. You will definitely enjoy easy button management adding and editing new and existing social network buttons.

The last module for today is Creativity. If you install it on your store, your customers will be able to upload funny images and share them with other users. Users can upload to Creativity either from their PCs or from the Internet using the Google search engine.

When a user clicks on the “Fave” button from the Plumrocket Faves Module, Creativity will automatically add favorite products to the user’s profile page. That is, Creativity serves as a sort of a tab to help a customer easier and faster find the products he likes.

These modules can well supplement each other. For instance, if there is Plumrocket Live Feed Module on your website, all the ‘likes’ from Creativity Module will be displayed on the Live Feed page. The Creativity page also contains all the new products at your store, i.e. it will also inform your clients about the new items, while the Creativity list page allows you to select from three view modes with each mode providing the different size of images in the list.

We hope you will find this information useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Plumrocket Magento Extensions.