Getting Closer to Your Customers – Making a Personal Website

Getting Closer to Your Customers – Making a Personal Website

We all live in the time of huge corporations easily recognizable on both sides of the Atlantics. They offer all the range of goods that a person can only dream of – from electronics to household goods. But when it comes to personal life, more and more users are inclined to work with a small business.

That is why you should consider giving your customers the feeling of comfort and trust they could only find being with their closest friend.

So, how to make your website seem more personal?

  • Use natural language.

Think of the situation when you happen to talk with your client face to face – you are not using marketing jargon or technical terms, are you? The information you provide on your website should be helpful and useful enough, but, at the same time, it should overwhelm visitors to your website with too many technical details.

  • Provide the pictures of you and your staff

Customers feel more comfortable when they can see faces. An “About Us” page is where you can provide a few photos of the people you work with. Having such pictures on your website will help you convince your visitors that you are always there to help them.

  • Get a phone number

Getting a phone number on your website will make your website seem more personal too. Even if you are not able to answer the phone calls 24/7, let your customers leave messages, and be sure to get back to them later.

  • Create a logo

Even if you own a small business website, try to create a logo for it. It is going to unify your website and make your visitors ‘feel like home’ just seeing that little piece of design representing your website.

  • Make it more social

Social networks are a must-have for all sorts or websites nowadays. The only thing you should remember here is to choose your social networks wisely. It’s no use having 100 share buttons leading to social networks you’ve hardly even heard of. Choose the social networks that are already driving the most traffic, having great audiences and are the most suitable for the field you work in.

Making your website seem more personal is a very important step. By doing this, you will make your customers feel more comfortable with trusting your small business and spending money on your website.