Upselling & Cross Selling – How to Sell More with Your Membership Website

Upselling & Cross Selling – How to Sell More with Your Membership Website

When people have more options they are likely to purchase more. That’s why offering more products and services, is a great chance for your website to bring you more money.

Today, we want to tell you how providing more choices can boost sales on your membership website. Be sure not to provide too many options, since the customer is going to feel lost and disoriented. We want to share a few tips with you on how to make it properly.

  • Upselling means offering more products during the sales or checkout stage.  It involves promoting various upgrades or add-ons to customers that are extra purchases which can increase sales. By upselling you can bring more expensive products, services or options to your customers’ attention. With you membership website, it is easy to create a product page that presents the description and advantages of the additional option. For instance, if you are selling dresses, show the client a higher quality/top brand dress that costs a little more, right before the customer checks out. If the difference in price is not that dramatic, chances are, the customer will take what you offer.

Note, understanding the psychology behind buying extra items is essential to effective upselling. Show that benefits of the purchase to your customer: do the math and show the exact amount of money your client will be able to save, or explain the particular benefits of buying extra now. Consider your upselling strategy carefully before you start using it.

  • Cross selling implies offering related products or services when the customer is buying some item. For instance, when a customer is purchasing one of your dresses, you can offer them the matching purse or shoes. This will let your customer look at these products without being distracted from the original product.
  • The last but not the least way to increase sales is giving post-sale coupons or limited-time offers. It usually encourages people to come back to your website and purchase more. Sometimes people hesitate about what product to choose, and a post-sale offer to purchase one of the products at 30% off the normal price for a limited time only will be a great incentive for them to add it to their shopping cart.

These are just a few examples of using different selling techniques to get more sales in the end. Follow our blog for more information.