Magento Ajax Login – the Quickest Path to User Registrations

Magento Ajax Login – the Quickest Path to User Registrations

Magento Commerce is becoming a more and more competitive industry. Each membership site owner is trying to do his best to improve user experience and attract customers to his store. Understanding that most users do not want to waste time waiting for the page to load, web developers have come up with the idea of popup login windows allowing visitors to the site get registered (or login) as quickly as possible.

So, what are the greatest advantages of Magento ajax login and why you should have it at your store.

First, it saves customers’ time. They will not have to scan you site home page looking for the registration form. The magento ajax registration window will appear on click, making the sign up procedure fast and comfortable.

Second, using ajax login technology is a great opportunity to lift the curtain and intrigue prospective customers by showing them what your site offers. This feature was thoroughly developed by Plumrocket Inc and represented in our Magento Ajax Login Extension. It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage magento ajax login extension that is going to be a pleasant surprise for every membership site owner. The extension can be configured to use four login display methods: on page click, on page links click, on page load and a manual display method. Our extension is based on the proven ajax login functionality turning all the actions like getting registered, logging in, restoring the forgotten password into a smooth and quick process. It is also possible to edit the popup welcome message and thus customize your magento register form. Visitors to your store will also be able to get registered or login via their Facebook accounts.

Third, due to Popup event tracking functionality used at Magento Popup Login from Plumrocket Inc, your marketing team will be able to track all user clicks on ajax login form directly from Google Analytics and analyze how effective your marketing campaign actually was.

For more information on Magento Popup Login click here.

To sum it up, we can repeat the well-known truth: The less time users spend on registration or logging in, the higher customer experience is and the more registered clients you get.