Magento 2 Affiliate Programs Extension: Simple Step to Awin Integration

Magento 2 Affiliate Programs Extension: Simple Step to Awin Integration

After you’ve started to run the e-store, drove the targeted traffic, and made the initial sales, the process of figuring out what next steps to take for further business improvement can be a challenging task. Trying to advertise your products or services is one of the main aspects for gaining new customers and enhancing your exposure. One often overlooked approach is the efficiency of affiliate marketing that can easily help you increase signups and convert leads.

Affiliate marketing is an effective and low-risk investment that can easily help your business thrive. The real-word evidence is the product-review website Wirecutter, now owned by the New York Times. In 2015 the company generated $150 million in online sales by using referral links for the different products they feature. Being the Magento 2 store owner and advertiser, it is essential to set up the continued and effective relationships with the right affiliate to spread the brand name and gain popularity. Among a wide range of the affiliate networks on today’s market, many organizations tend to select Awin. Let’s look closer at the vital aspects of the platform and how to take advantage of the Magento 2 Affiliate Programs Extension to integrate the two.

Why to Choose Affiliate Marketing Network?

Affiliate networks are the platforms that connect the advertisers with webmasters or bloggers who want to earn money promoting the merchant’s products or services. This type of marketing can be highly beneficial for both parties, and here are the 3 main reasons:

1. Increased Trafficaffiliate programs extension

Together with other marketing activities, recruiting affiliates to your business process can let you scale the traffic faster, as well as boost sales. The more sites that link to your pages, the more possibilities you can convert the prospects into the loyal customers. Besides, the outside resources that lead to your website positively effect the search engine ranking and compliment the current SEO efforts.

2. 3-rd Party Validation

By partnering with trusted bloggers and popular websites, you can get a better reputation for your brand. While in the research phase of the buying cycle, the individuals are more likely to trust the 3rd party opinion over content produced directly from the website selling the product or service.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

magento affiliate programs extensionAffiliate marketing can not only enhance your marketing efforts and enlarge sales, but save budget as well. If you are only paying the commissions when the desired conversion takes place, you skip the process of throwing away ad dollars on placements that have no proven value. Also, recruiting affiliates in new markets is an affordable way to branch out into that market. Hence, you don’t need to create the entire marketing campaign and sink money into the unproven industry for testing.

Awin Affiliate Network: Brief Overview

Being one of the popular affiliate networks on today’s market, Awin can help you bring more potential customers and drive sales with the help of the following capabilities:

  • Exploit Awin Advertiser Directory to find the right advertiser. Use their profiles with an overview of the USPs, program highlights, terms and conditions, as well as commision rates. Quickly explore the contact details in case you need to ask any questions or get in touch with the support team.
  • Take advantage of the Opportunity Marketplace that helps publishers list, manage and promote the advertising opportunities available on your website. Set the terms and commercials for each post and categorize the opportunity that will help the relevant advertiser find you easily.
  • Use Awin Create-a-Feed functionality to get the exact data you want from one or different advertisers in the best format to suit company requirements. Find the various combinations to collate the information to fit your website format and objectives.

Lately, a number of Magento store owners integrated Awin with the platform for spreading their brand name and expanding popularity. So, if you are Magento e-shop owner, then affiliate marketing can be a great option to promote your products and generate more revenue. For that reason, you can choose Affiliate Programs Extension for Magento 2 provided by Plumrocket to avoid any unexpected complications during Awin and Magento 2 integration.

Magento 2 Affiliate Programs Extension: Why and How

For the past couple of months, Plumrocket worked closely with Awin and created full Magento 2 integration of the Awin Affiliate Program considering the following aspects:

  • Magento 2 implementation includes 4 core elements of Awin affiliate tracking: the Journey Tag/Mastertag, the Conversion Tag, the Fall-back Conversion Pixel and Product Level Tracking.
  • The extension passed all automated and manual tests by Awin, Plumrocket and Magento Marketplace QA teams to make sure that the Magento 2 Affiliate Extension functions properly. After that, the plugin was released live.

Now, Magento merchants can integrate Awin advertiser tracking into their e-stores effortlessly. The module can be installed via the Composer or FTP and offers you the following functionality:

2 program types:

– Pay Per Sale (PPS) – the affiliate pixel/postback is fired on conversion. Since Magento 2 checkout success page (“thank you page”) includes the installation of affiliate tracking code, it will be executed each time a new order is placed.

magento affiliate programs extension
– Pay Per Lead (PPL)
– every time a customer is registered, the affiliate pixel will be used in the automatic way.

  • Possibility of obtaining several affiliate programs simultaneously on the same or multiple Magento store views. So, you can easily add Awin to your Magento 2 even though you have already obtained other affiliate programs. Also, you can benefit from this functionality during the development stage to try out the Magento affiliate tracking code.

Additionally, you can build a Product Feed for Awin publishers with the help of Plumrocket Data Feed Generator Magento 2 extension. So, you can find both modules on Plumrocket website and Magento Marketplace or take advantage of Magento Marketplace

How to Set Up Your Magento E-Store and Awin Affiliate Program?

Now, after you have chosen and installed the Magento 2 Affiliate Programs Extension provided by Plumrocket, your next task is to perform a few clicks for setting up the Awin affiliate network:

1. Go to the “Plumrocket” tab in the main menu on the right side, choose the “Manage Affiliate Programs” option and click “Add New Affiliate.”

magento affiliate programs extension2. Select Awin as your desired platform, then click on the “Continue” button.

magento affiliate programs extension3. After that, go to the “Affiliate Script”, fill out the required fields and press “Save” on the left corner.

magento affiliate programs extension

Closing Thoughts

By and large, integrating Awin into your Magento store with the help of Magento Affiliate Marketing Extension can have lucrative impact on your business revenue and help your organisation flourish. Implementation of the efficient affiliate platform into your company strategy can draw new customers to your website, save budget on marketing efforts, and reveal new business opportunities. Don’t waste your time, start a free demo to check Plumrocket plugin in action.