Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing Page Optimization Tips

Today we would like to share a few landing page optimization tips with you.
If you business depends on online conversions based on your business website you should take good care to make your landing page give you the maximum result.

1. Analyze Your Platform
Before you begin tuning your landing page, you first must have a clear understanding of your landing page platform’s capabilities. The amount of tools, features and testing applications vary greatly with different CMS and landing page software applications.

2. Show What You Have to Offer.
A landing page must give a visitor to your website a clear understanding what you company deals with and where it is located. Make sure the list of services of description of products if there on the landing page!

3. Test & Customize Regularly
Testing is crucial. There are three elements that should be tested and customized regularly. These are: content, images, and product lists. It should be done at least once a month. Design is very important too. Make sure that the colors, themes, and messaging resonate well with the users – the key to success here is once again checking and testing.

4. Make Sure Your Landing Page is Accessible on Different Platforms.
Mobile use increases rapidly from day to day. That why you have to provide a quality user experience. First, identify the number of visitors that come to you landing page via mobile devices. Very often the size of the mobile audience is quite impressive. You just cannot afford losing potential customers caused by poor mobile user experience.
A landing page is mobile-friendly if:

  • your target area is between 38 and 44 pixels for the users to be able to click or touch;
  • the layout of the page is simple which enables a mobile user to complete the required forms easier;
  • the files of the landing page do not exceed the 20kb size since many mobile devices often cannot cache big files;
  • the buttons are made in contrasting colors, which makes them more prominent and convenient for users.

5. Offer Multiple Calls to Action.
Some visitors to a website click on the first link they can see on a landing page. Others prefer reading for a while before they take action. That’s why consider having links all over the page area – at the top, bottom and in between. Make it easy for visitors to start acting whenever they’re ready.

6. Experiment with Your Registration Forms.
Many users are likely to leave your landing page as soon as they see the registration form. That’s why don’t overwhelm your potential customers with a long list of required fields to fill in the registration form. Ask to give a name and an e-mail address first. There is always a chance to get more information by sending additional forms to clients’ e-mails.

7. Don’t Underestimate Testimonials.
The fact that your company has got positive feedbacks from clients will definitely increase the level of trust of potential customers. Make sure the testimonials field is available on the landing page too!

These are the basic ideas concerning landing page optimization. If you want to know more, click here.
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