How to Make Your eCommerce Website Users’ Top Choice in 2013: The Interactivity Aspect

How to Make Your eCommerce Website Users’ Top Choice in 2013:  The Interactivity Aspect

There is no need to say that eCommerce is an extremely competitive area nowadays. With numerous projects being launched every day, it is quite challenging to remain users’ top choice. But challenging does not mean impossible. Today, we want to share another tip to help you make your eCommerce website a success.

The key idea of current eCommerce trends in 2013 implies that the online shopping experience should basically generate the real world experience. This includes the use of both interactive product video demonstrations and expertly programmed shopping carts that can make the checkout process pleasant and seamless.

Below are the reasons why you should consider using interactivity elements at your online store.

1. There are many factors that influence a user’s buying decision. If you have the latest programming techniques including design practices, and navigation structures to achieve shopping carts, you may expect your clients to make a purchase in no time. Interactive product demonstrations and simulations developed with the use of the latest flash technologies will let your customers try a product before committing to a purchase.

2. Use interactive product builders. Many shoppers avoid buying items like clothes or jewelry just because they want to try a piece on to make sure it works with their height, body type, skin color, etc. Thus, if you supply your shoppers with product building tools, like dressing a size appropriate avatar or creating a virtual custom charm bracelet, you will be able to attract those still hesitating whether to buy online.

3. Opt for Social Commerce. Expert opinion states that most of online shoppers rely heavily on the opinion and ratings of fellow shoppers when weighing the pros and cons of a product or service. So, be sure to integrate social community tools into your eCommerce website. Note, with our Magento Faves, Inspiration Wall and Live Feed Extensions you will make all social media platforms work for you and your business.

4. Promote yourself. Millions of potential customers are now connected through social networking sites creating a great platform for your online store to become a success. With Magento Landing Pages Extension from Plumrocket Inc. you will be able to launch several marketing and advertizing campaigns every day and ultimately benefit from increased traffic and sales.

We, the team of Plumrocket Inc. keep working on to make both website owners and their customers enjoy selling and buying online.
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