Things to Remember when Working with Infographics

Things to Remember when Working with Infographics

Infographics (information graphics) are now widely used in website design.

It is a great way to present information in a truly artistic manner. Besides, visualization is a universal language that can tell the whole story in just one image.

If you feel like using infographics in your website design, read this post to learn the important rules of working with elements of design.

1. Determine a single topic.

If you work with one topic only, you will be able to create better and clearer visualization. In this case, infographics will not confuse the visitors to your website. To determine that single topic ask yourself one question you want your infographics to answer.

2. Make it simple.

Since infographics are meant to convey a message, make sure it is not overloaded with too many details (numbers, facts and images). Otherwise, it may be misinterpreted, or even worse, ignored by users. Focus on facts and figures instead of dissolving the information in the design. Besides, it is recommended to use brief texts which direct to the point.

3. Check the data.

Another important rule is to make sure the facts you are going to present are correct. The purpose of inforgraphics is still to give information. So, proofread the facts carefully not to decrease the credibility of your work. Take good time the check the graphs or charts that will be used in infographics.

4. Appealing design is always effective.

The simplicity of your infographics does not mean that it should not be beautiful and creative. Do your best to select suitable colors, typefaces and layout to make your infographics unforgettable. Remember, colors are vital here. Choose the color palettes which can have a great impact on the viewers. That’s why to be ready to learn the fundamentals of color psychology. Still, avoid making your infographics gaudy – the less is better here too.

5. Let your infographics tell a story.

It is good if a person can get the gist of the story not having even read the text before. It means that you have done a great job combining the illustrations, graphics and texts.

6. Make the file size small.

Providing a small file size will let people download your infographics quickly and use it for good purposes. You will also be able to attach it to your e-mails and send it to others. Note, that the quality of the image should still be high so that it could be both readable and impressive.

These are the key tips in infographics design. Hopefully, they will be useful for those who decide to enrich their websites with this stunning element.