Iconic Animal Logos

Iconic Animal Logos

There are dozens of logos easily recognizable all over the world. Who doesn’t know the famous Coca-Cola brand or minimalist Nike sign? Or do you happen to know a person who has no idea what a bitten Apple, or a huge yellow letter “M” against a red background mean?

These are iconic logos. Created in different times, both simple and sophisticated these logos have become the very essence of the companies and corporations they represent.

Today we’d like to have a look at different iconic logos inspired by nature. We will focus on various emblems that are based on images of animals.

Animals have always played a huge part in logo design.

Each animal represents some qualities. That’s why designers draw their inspiration from nature in order to choose the most suitable symbol for their client. It’s common knowledge that a bull represents strength, while a cat is associated with agility, tenderness or elegance.

Another reason why designers use the pictures of animals is because they are in the company’s name or such a logo can add to the general idea of the business strategy.

Well, enough with that. Let’s get started with the logos themselves.

WWF logo

The WWF logo has an extremely appealing and positive image. It is seen as caring, responsible and credible. It perfectly reflects the appeal and values of WWF.

Puma logo

Puma logo is composed of a leaping animal and bold font. A strong and fast animal is a great choice for the company that produces athletic shoes and other sportswear.

Jaguar logo

And now – more cats…

The Jaguar logo represents a Jaguar leaping across the company name. The leaping animal is meant to represent the speed, power and quickness of the car… a very beautiful and luxurious car, we must say…

Peugeot logo

The lion is called the King of animals. The brand Peugeot has already been using this emblem for more than a century. Despite various changes in the design the main “hero” has remained unchanged.

Lion logo

And this lion is familiar to all the children in the world.

Mustang Logo

Another iconic sign is the Mustang emblem. Designed by Phil Clark, the running horse symbolizes the power of the car.

Ferrari logo

The same animal can bee seen on The Ferrari logo. It consists of a symbol of ‘Prancing Horse’ on a yellow background. The letters SF stand for Scuderia Ferrari.

Lamborghini Charging Bull Logo

The Lamborghini Charging Bull Logo is said to represent the founder’s, Ferruccio Lamborghini, zodiacal sign (Taurus). But some believe that it suspiciously similar to the Ferrari logo, the two companies being in constant rivalry.

Penguin logo

Do you like reading? If you lived in 1930-s, the time when the first Penguin paperbacks appeared, you would love this pastime immensely. Allen Lane wanted a ‘dignified but flippant’ symbol for his new business – as a result the world got one of the most recognizable logos of a publishing house.

Lufthansa logo

Let’s fly! The Lufthansa logo depicts an encircled stylized crane in flight – quite a clear choice for the biggest airline, isn’t it?

Firefox Logo

No comment!

Unilever logo

This part is for quiz lovers. There are 26 icons in this Unilever logo. The Anglo-Dutch company comprises well known brands within nutrition, hygiene, and personal care. Have you found all the elements?

This is their explanation.

Tell us about the logos you believe to be iconic?