How to Make Use of Case Management Systems

How to Make Use of Case Management Systems

Many people underestimate the benefits which can be derived from the implementation of a case management system into their work.  When properly used, this intranet system can provide a quick return of investment.

The purpose of this post is to help you understand the reasons why you should start using a CMS system to facilitate your work and time management. You can use case management systems for

Contact Database – a case management system can be used as storage for contact information about your clients. Using Remote client access 24/7 and permission-based logins you can let clients in different time zones log on their own schedule. Clients can also enter new cases into the system and inform you about the updated tasks. You get a real time reporting of all the latest updates.

Case Database –  information storage about cases your company deals with. You can also have a complete history of case stages, actions and events. A Case System makes it easy to keep a complete record of all communication, online documentation regarding every case. Using case histories you can develop better practices, analyze and improve your business.

Managing Stages of Cases – using the CMS case management framework you can break a case into several steps. Every case has at least one step which requires at least one action to complete. For example, using steps and actions you can divide company processes to help train new employees, and manage their work efficiently.

Case Notes or Case Diary – storage for “memos to the files,” phone notes, and any other information about the case. Actually, anyone working on the assignment can track the case in the Case Notes. You don’t have to scramble to find paperwork anymore!


Using the CMS Intranet Module you can:

  • Manage your paperwork with The Document Manager that allows you to create folders and upload documents for any purpose.
  • Share Contacts with The Contact Manager that empowers your employees to share contacts and quickly find phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Publish News and Create Newsletters keeping your employees up to date with corporate news, news relating to partner companies, etc.
  • Communicate in the Forum: get employees’ feedback on a new policy or start brainstorming new ideas for increasing income.
  • Keep employees up to date on corporate events, meeting and so on using a Company Calendar.

Plumrocket Inc. has launched three CMS intranet projects for our clients. These projects deal with academic management, managing paperwork and visit management. Now more and more people enjoy better personnel performance and time savings.

Let us know your interest in CMS Intranet for your business.