Things to Do to Increase Customer Loyalty

Things to Do to Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are what any business owners dream of day and night. Loyal customers are the synonym for stability which in its turn is the fundamental precondition of a successful enterprise.

There is no need to say that increasing your customers’ loyalty is essential to the development of your e-commerce website.

The key thing you should remember is that your relationship with a customer should not end once the bargain is made. You should do your best to turn a first-time purchaser into a loyal customer and make him want to tell all his friends about your site. ‘Easier said than done’ you think? Today, we are going to show you that it is not impossible. And this is how you can do it:

  • Give more than they expect

There is no need to say that you should always meet your customers’ needs: the products should be delivered in time, services should be completed according to the schedule or earlier, but be sure to add bonuses and new features that are going to surprise your customers once they receive it. A thank-you gift, a special offer or access to an exclusive event will cost little for you, but it will be a great investment into building long-term relations with your clients.

  • 101% good customer service

Many customers complain about customer support service. Possible complains vary from ‘Their recommendations were useless’ to ‘They didn’t answer my e-mail!’ Remember, if a customer contacts your support service, he MUST receive a clear, easy-to-understand and accurate reply to his e-mail as soon as possible. You have no right to make him feel guilty for what he has done wrong and leave him all alone with his problem. Be sure to really help your customer and solve his problems, no matter how serious they are. If you are a site owner, instruct your employees to help clients the way they would want to be helped. This will be the best guideline to dealing with customers’ problems.

  • You are not perfect but strive to!

If there is something you did wrong, have courage to admit it. Show genuine readiness to improve even if you are already doing great job in servicing your customers. Choose an online survey tool that is easy-to-use, to analyze customers’ response to what you do and offer. People always appreciate that sort of cooperation.

  • Expand the horizons of your communication

Sending an automated “Thank-You” or “Happy Birthday” letter is not enough to build broader relationship with your clients. Consider sending a relevant article to create positive association. In this way you will be able to educate your customers too. Determine what your clients are interested in and then establish a timetable for regular interactions to cover issues that should be explained to them.


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