How to Increase Conversion Rates – That is the Question

How to Increase Conversion Rates – That is the Question

Unfortunately, great website design, smart navigation and fresh content fail to bring an internet-marketer what he needs – the website is great but the conversion rates are low. What can you do to solve this problem? Read this post to learn some simple tips that will help you boost your conversion rates.

The first this you should learn is ‘Don’t let the visitor to your website get distracted!

  • Avoid placing ads on your site.

Putting ads on a website is a great way to increase your income, but you should not do if your website itself offers products and services. Why? Ads (Flash Ads) are a distracting factor that is likely to drive your visitors away.

  • Make your pages load quickly.

Due to the development of computer technologies, people have already got used to the rapid pace of life. That same ‘habit’ works when they are browsing the Internet. A slow website is a bad website – that is the brutal truth of life. So, make sure your pages load as quickly as possible in order not to lose another visitor.

  • Launch new windows for the links that can possibly lead visitors away from your site.

This will leave your website open in visitors’ browsers, no matter how many links they open. Remember, 8 out of 10 visitors never return to the original website only because they don’t remember the name of that website.

  • Transparent pricing for your credibility

If your website deals with selling products and services, make the pricing clear, since it greatly influences a visitor’s decision to buy. Nobody wants to feel ripped off even in an on-line store. The price, included taxes, number of persons the product/service is intended for, etc, should be available at your website.

  • Keep in touch

Try to get your visitors’ contact information. If you have their e-mail address, you will be able to send emails containing information about the services and products you have to offer. But your main aim here is to make them visit your website again.

Of course, these are just the key rules for optimizing for conversion. One thing you should remember is that conversion optimization is a continual process of testing and refining. Knowing your target audience, being creative and ready to try something new will definitely lift your conversion rate. So, enjoy the journey!