How to create a membership website

How to create a membership website

Recently our company launched a new website based on the platform Magento using its multi-store-retailing functionality. The main idea of such projects is to provide access only for logged-in users and let them create their accounts. Why should it work?, you might ask me. The thing is that member only websites are aimed at people who really care about the product you have to offer. Those who are not interested in it will leave your site as soon as they see the registration form on the landing page. But when talking about invitation only shopping it’s not such a great loss as it seems to be.Think of the people who have finally found what they’ve been looking for – be it a purse, jewelry, jackets, or haute-couture dresses – and this little something is on your website (compare the feedback here)!

Think of these people’s friends who share the same values or hobbies and will gladly join your site too! Think of the system of bonuses, reward credits, discounts and latest updates which will turn your visitors into a “Members-Only-Club”. It is a proven system that works.

The product provided by the experts at Plumrocket Inc. is quite competitive in the segment of members only sites too. Elaborate usage of “private sales”, “members only” and “invite friends” modules has enormous potential for boosting your business – it’s the fact established by our clients. The desire to meet the demands of our customers, constant improvement of private sales modules combined with an adequate quality-price ratio is what we have to offer. So, members only site are worth your attention if you’re planning to start your e-commerce career. People say, ‘A good beginning makes a good ending.

Please check out our Private Sales & Flash Sales Extension to see the membership website at work.