How not to Design a Logo

How not to Design a Logo

An indispensable element of any brand, company or business is a logo. Is it possible to imagine McDonald’s without its famous yellow ‘M’, or Starbucks without its twin-tailed siren?

A good logo is very valuable for your business. It is what will bring you immediate recognition, trust and loyalty. That’s why try hard to design the best logo for your company. How can it be done? In this post, you will find some tips on what NOT to do when designing a logo.

Forget about logo design contests.

A logo design contest is the process of logo selection where you have to send a brief about your company and then several designers offer you their logo designs. While having a big choice of logos, be ready to meet the rather low quality of such designs. As a result, you might waste both time and money.

Beware of too affordable prices.

When you see the ad offering you 5 logos for only $200, close the browser window immediately and try other keywords to seek another logo designer. A good logo requires time and resources. So, just think of the quality of 5 logos coming within 24 hours…

Note: The cost of a professional logo design varies greatly from one project to another. It is determined by such factors as the number of concepts to be presented, the number of expected revisions, the depth of research, the size of your business, etc.

Do Not Use Stock Imagery

Inexperienced designers like to use stock imagery. The very essence of a logo is to make your brand stand from the crowd. How can you achieve this if you use stock imagery downloaded every day by thousands of people? Such images simply devalue your business. Your logo must be original, and that’s the whole story.

A Logo Design Must Evoke a Feedback

To make sure the logo design is going to be successful, check if it gets feedback from your clients and stakeholders. It is crucial for a great logo.

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