Guest Posting as a SEO Strategy

Guest Posting as a SEO Strategy

If you want your blog to be success get ready to interact with as many users as possible. Mere social media integration is not enough. Consider guest posting as your SEO strategy and this is why.

Writing guest posts is a sort of networking for bloggers. It can both expand your reading audience and give you more presence in the world of blogging.

So, by means of guest posting you will be able to:

  • Create Backlinks to Your Own Blog

You can link to some of your own posts which are related to the one you are now writing. It is important to have permission to do this since it may be regarded as self-promotion.

You can also build backlinks to your website by using links to your blog in your author’s bio. Usually, it is allowed to put information about authors who write a guest post. So, you can backlink to your site at the bottom right after the end of the post.

Note! Backlinks are very valuable if you post on a blog with a high page rank. The thing is that when Google sees that an authoritative blog has links to your website, the search engine will conclude that your website is rather authoritative too.

  • Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Readers who like your guest post are very likely to switch to your website in order to find more interesting content. If your own blog is as interesting as your guest post was, you may even get more loyal followers. This increased traffic will definitely push your search engine rankings. The traffic can also be increased by means of social media when people decide to share the link on Twitter, Facebook. Google+, etc.

  • Improve your SEO and writing skills.

Dealing with keyword clouds, customizing your content for SEO purposes, learning new writing techniques to make a good guest post will give you an invaluable experience when writing for your own blog. Isn’t it another ‘pro’ to start guest posting?