Holidays Are Coming: How to Gain and Retain More Customers

Holidays Are Coming: How to Gain and Retain More Customers

With Christmas spirit in the air and upcoming New Year celebrations there is one thing a far-seeing private sales site owner should do immediately – to come up with a strategy aimed at gaining more customers and making them come back to you site after the holidays are over.

Today, we would like to share a few tips with you. These are simple yet proven tools to make Christmas shopping at your site a 100% positive experience!

One of the best things you can offer your clients is free shipping. All people love free shipping – that’s a fact. If you cannot afford free shipping of goods consider using at least a percentage-off program to attract customers and make them willing to buy. There is no need to say that your customers should be informed about the special offers you have prepared for them. The proven tool is to launch a holiday e-mail campaign. It is not only a great opportunity to greet your clients, but also a smart marketing strategy.

Think ahead! If your holidays marketing campaign includes several stages, a good way to encourage your existing customers is to give them a sneak peek of the sale or promotion program a few days before these are launched. This will help your clients plan what they want to buy and thoroughly examine what your site has to offer. You can also consider using all sorts of promo codes and special offers if you want Christmas presents to be purchased right at your online store.

And finally, a good investment is a smart investment! Do your best to retain the customers you have gained during the holiday’s time. Be sure, it costs a lot less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. With all your time and efforts spent to attract new clients to your online store it would be at least unreasonable to lose them a couple of weeks after your holiday campaign is over. That is why it is very important to work on a post-holiday campaign strategy: analyze statistics data, provide more special deals and personalized offers to be ready to come up with new ideas to your new customers after the clock strikes twelve!

That’s all for now! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!