Using Pinterest for Generating More Traffic to Your Site

Using Pinterest for Generating More Traffic to Your Site

Many website owners do not consider Pinterest to be a proven marketing tool, thus avoid using it on their websites. But if used correctly Pinterest can generate more traffic to your site than you could even dream of.

Today, we want to share some tips on using Pinterest in your marketing strategy.

1. Pin Images Right from Your Blog

We have previously told you about the importance of having a blog for those website owners who have come to stay in this business. Now, you can make use of it by pinning images right from your blog. You should just pin images from the blog post to your Pinterest account. This will link the picture to your blog, which will generate more traffic.

Another way to attract more visitors is to post images of your company events, office building and staff. This will not only help you boost traffic but also give your company or business a human face making prospective clients feel more involved in your business affairs.

2. Pin Videos Too!

Besides images, you can pin videos to your pinboards too. It is a good idea to create an introduction video outlining what your company offers. Note, this video should link back to your website since this is what actually brings traffic. You can also ask your company staff to post personal video introductions or provide videos featuring different services or products separately.

3. Be Sure to Interact with Your Followers

If you start gaining followers on Pinterest, it’s very important to actively interact with them. Chances are that they will become your customers in the nearest future. If you see a new follower, or someone decides to re-pin a pin you posted be sure to respond in no time. If you ignore new people coming to your site, be ready to see them lose interest in your company.

The thing is that Pinterest gives companies and consumers a great chance to interact with one another. Note, even a simple, “Thank you for checking out our company, we appreciate your time” can result in gaining a new customer while forgetting to respond is likely to end with losing a potential one.

4. Track Down Influential Pinners in Your Niche

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to offer a brand new service or product since there are lots of similar businesses to yours. That’s why start following influential niche users and track down the companies that deal with the field you are interested in. If you do this, the people following those users or companies will find their way to you too, increasing traffic to your website. Moreover, it will also help you gain access to other authoritative companies and their audience.

5. Engage Your Followers!

Use Pinterest to promote all sorts of contests for your followers. You can also offer various discounts on services or products you offer via Pinterest, which will both increase traffic to your website and possibly gain new customers.

Pinterest users are very likely to re-pin discount offers or contests if they believe their followers will like them, so your promotions will go over very well.

We hope you will find this information useful and start using this rapidly expanding social media platform as a great marketing tool.