Drive more sales to your Magento site

Drive more sales to your Magento site

Millions of times a day, affiliate marketing connects brands to their next customer. This marketing channel allows ecommerce brands to partner with other websites (called publishers) who will promote their products and services.

Affiliate networks provide the technology and network of publishers to make these partnerships happen. In addition, the Magento 2 extension for advertisers enables PlumRocket clients to seamlessly integrate with affiliate networks, including Awin. Whether your product is finance, travel, telco or retail, Awin’s network of 100,000+ active affiliates cover a diverse range of sectors.

Working across 17 offices globally, and with publishers generating sales across 98% of the globe last year, here are some tips for starting an affiliate programme:

  1. Start with the end in mind: Whether your objectives are to drive traffic to your website, generate sales or increase awareness of a product range, you can recruit publishers who will be able to support you with your goal. It’s possible to partner with publishers on a ‘tenancy’ arrangement whereby you can pay a fixed sum in exchange for scheduled guaranteed exposure on some of the highest traffic areas of a publisher website
  2. Know your partners:  Understand the value that different publishers can offer, from those offering their audience voucher codes, cashback and incentives, to those writing content. You can create banners and visuals to entice different publisher types. Once you have a base of partners, get to know their audience, and tailor offers accordingly. Awin offer a range of events throughout the year to facilitate networking between partners.
  3. Use your tools: Content publishers may not be the last site a user clicks on before making a sale, but you can still reward those earlier on in the purchase journey by paying a set fee for the influence they had in persuading a sale. Why not try ‘voucher attribution’, a tool that enables you to work with a publisher and ensure they receive payment for every use of a code you allocate, no matter what marketing channel this has been attributed to. Read here about how Superdry have worked with content publishers.

You can contact the Awin team to understand more about how the Magento 2 extension for advertisers can help to grow your business