Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 4: Active Support and Promotion

Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 4: Active Support and Promotion

Today’s is the final post in the series devoted to customer loyalty strategy planning. We have shared with you our ideas on how to attract visitors to your Magento store, how to make them buy actively, how to win their attention back if they start losing interest in your brand. Today we are going to tell you what you should do to incite your registered customers to promote your Magento site among their friends through word of mouth and social media.

Actually, there is no big secret about it. If your customers act as your site advocates in the net, it is quite natural to be grateful for the work they do. So, what can you as a site owner offer your customers to show your gratitude? Well, the best solution is a Magento rewards system offering free shipping, gifts, special events, bonuses and extra discounts.

  1.  Keep in mind the following: it is important to analyze your customers’ behavior and always be grateful to those users who actively share information about your store in the social media. You can send a personalized e-mail and offer some special bonus for their activities.
  2. Nothing unites people more than common celebrations of special occasions. If you want to turn your loyal customers into a family of brand supporters, be sure to reward them on the occasion of your site anniversary, or offer them a free gift on the anniversary of their signing up. This will show that you do care for them and aim at making them feel happy while staying with your Magento store for years on.

There are many ideas and strategies that can help your win your customer loyalty. We recommend you to pay attention to the Magento Loyalty Program Package developed by This solution is the result of years of expertise that combined two of our best extensions including Invitations Magento Extension and Reward Points Magento Extension.  These are easy-to-use must-have tools for membership sites allowing business owners to quickly increase the number of registered customers, incite them to promote your brand and be rewarded for it.

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