Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 3: Re-engagement

Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 3: Re-engagement

We’ve previously told you what techniques to use to invite more clients to your Magento store and what to do to make them buy actively. However, people are quite often unpredictable creatures, or to be more precise, there are tons of reasons why registered customers stop making purchases at your store despite all of the unique offers you have for them.

Today we want you to learn how to win back your inactive customers. This is the stage we call re-engagement. Here you will learn how to rebuild your relationship with this type of clients and make them happily spending customers.

So, your registered customer has totally lost interest in your company: he/she stops purchasing from you, ceases to engage with your brand or, the worst option, – simply unsubscribes from your Magento store.

Don’t panic! There are some tips that can save the situation.

1)    Be honest! Admit it! You miss your customers. You have desperately missed them – so, why not write an e-mail telling your clients how much you need them back. Make sure your “Miss you” e-mail has a unique design accompanied by your brand details to show that personal touch. Invite your customer to return back home to your site. Tell your customers that his/her attention to your brand is what you value most.

2)    The Re-engagement offer. If you want your inactive customer start buying again, offer them a high discount on the product they have regularly bought at your store. The key is to create urgency by setting the condition that the offer will expire within 3-5 days. Send the reminder letter 24 hours before the offer expires to inform your customer again. Very often users have to plan their budget carefully. So, if they get the chance to buy their favourite product at a much lower price, they are very likely to use this opportunity. And you will have one more customer back to the membership club.

3)    If the above mentioned methods do not work, send a 100% personalized e-mail to your inactive client. Include his/her name at the beginning, as well as your customer service representative’s name with his signature at the end of the e-mail. Provide a short overview of your company, tell why it is the best place to buy from; remind that your company always controls the quality of the products and services, and provides the best delivery options possible, etc. Remind your customer that all his/her previous orders have been delivered in time and … that as time has passed, you have prepared many pleasant surprises for your clients: for instance, tell them that there is a Magento mini cart or a user-friendly Magento Size Chart plugin available at your magento store and offer your client to try it. You can also enable Social Login to let users have a single Magento social login to access your site.  In other words, show that you really care and your customers will appreciate it.

Re-engaging your inactive customers is not an easy task. It is like trying to revive withered plants – a time-consuming effort. But if you do your best and work patiently, be sure to see a garden full of blossom, i.e. happily spending customers.

And how do you win your customers back? Leave your comments below to share your ideas!


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