Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 2: Active Participation

Customer Loyalty Strategy Step 2: Active Participation

In our previous post we told you what to do in order to attract visitors to your site, as well as discussed what the first steps in planning your e-mail campaign should be.

Today, we will try to clarify the key steps to be made if you want your registered customers to buy actively.

Turning interested email subscribers into paying customers is crucial for any Magento site owner. So, what should you do to involve users into active participation within your site events?

This stage of user-membership site interaction should be based on personalized content and discounts. Normally, 4 to 6 emails are sent within two weeks in order whet customers’ appetite. What to include in this emails? Keep reading to learn about it.

1.You can start with offering free shipping for the first order.

Another way is to offer free product exchanges, or free gifts instead of percentage-off or dollar-off offers. This will help you set positive expectations from the start. Finally, such tactics will prevent your company from looking like an offer-crazy discount Magento store.

2. A slightly more aggressive strategy deals with offering percentage-off or dollar-off discounts. To maximize the chances of conversion use limited time offers. This may be the decisive factor for many hesitant customers.

To use this method you can try the Newsletter Popup Magento Extension from This extension will help you attract visitors’ attention offering coupons if they choose to sign up for newsletters from you. This plugin will also let you personalize magento popup templates editing both their content and design.

3. Personalized product lines are of paramount importance at this stage of your website and customers relationship. You should always analyze the online behavioral data, demographic data, and predictive analytics to select the products that might interest each subscriber. It is important to keep these emails product focused, i.e. you should not display the price of the product in the email itself. Instead, the offer must be interesting enough to incite the subscriber to visit your site and check it on his/her own.

We hope these tips will help you plan a successful email campaign and convert your subscribers into active buyers. If you feel like sharing your ideas on how to incite registered customers to active participation, write in the comments below.


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