The Best Tips for an Effective Coming Soon Page

The Best Tips for an Effective Coming Soon Page

Many website owners use coming soon pages to inform the readers that their site is expected to appear online.  Coming soon pages are usually used just when the site is about to be finally launched. Thus, still having your website in the process of designing, you can already establish its identity and the audience you aim at. Actually, it is the first step to make your website a success. So, let’s find out what should be paid special attention to when designing a great coming soon page.

1. Identity is the king!

Your coming soon page must represent a powerful identity. Having this will let the audience easily recognize the teaser page and the website itself. To achieve this, use the colors, font style, logo and even a mascot image (if you have one). It is important to keep in mind that your coming soon page is the first chance to present your website. So, be sure to make the best first impression possible. No matter it is just a temporary design, make it unique and appealing. Visitors should feel the personality behind the page layout.

2. Don’t leave social media out.

It is not a new idea to promote your website in social media, but we suggest using social media buttons on your coming soon page either. This will let you gather even more visitors than you expect.

3. Provide sign-up forms.

Your coming soon page would be worthless and useless if you do not provide sign-up forms for email campaigns. First, you inform accidental visitors that your site is going to be launched, then you offer to sign up, and finally, you let them know that the site is already alive – it makes sense, doesn’t it? One more tip is to offer something to those who sign up to encourage more visitors to your website. Consider using the system of bonuses and rewards to be activated after the website is finally up.

4. Set your goals clearly.

Your coming soon page should clearly show what your website’s goal is. It should be a micro-manifestation of your future website. Note, if visitors see what the site really is, what it is for and what they will look forward to, you are likely to get more sign-ups.

5. Be a bit mysterious.

If you add some mysterious touch to your design, this will arouse curiosity from the audience, which is very likely to be transformed into a constant interest in what you offer. Let your message be mind-challenging, but not too tricky at the same time.  A line with well-chosen intriguing words is just what you need here.

6. Use creativity to make the audience return.

Being creative in every single detail will add to your coming soon page effectiveness. Make use of some graphics, images, videos, and others to engage your readers. Or, you can try some minimal designs – just be creative and unique.

What do you think about the use of coming soon pages? It’s your turn now. Leave your feedback below!