Why Should Small Business Websites Start Blogging?

Why Should Small Business Websites Start Blogging?

There are many points to consider if you are planning to start blogging, but the first thing you should remember is that having a blog for a small business website is the key to achieve industry awareness and credibility. Besides, it will help you attract new business and employees, media coverage, more opportunities and many other benefits.

Let’s analyze how you can benefit from blogging and social media.

Why should small business owners have a blog?

First, blogging is a great method of generating conversational content. A blog is a convenient content management system. The key value of a blog lies in the content and ability for companies to make use of the promotion and conversion capabilities of the blog publishing platform. Here are the key advantages of blogging:

  1. It is an easy-to-use platform for creating sharable and linkable content that is aimed at specific customer interests;
  2. It serves as a great model of content marketing and promotion;
  3. A blog provides a valuable SEO and Social Media instrument since every post is a probable destination for a link as well as an entry point through search engines.

In its turn, blog content can attract:

  • Existing customers
  • Potential customers
  • Potential employees
  • Marketing partners, investors
  • Journalists and other bloggers

Another point we would like to discuss is the impact of Google+ on search and the ways how it affects business blog marketing. Since Google is one of the most popular search engines in the word, any company should take good care to deal with Google+ personalization properly. Keep in mind that content creation, sharing and engagement are the signals that search engines like. This is the data Google uses to improve search results quality and search user experience.

It is important to have your business website Google+ profile included in as many people’s circles as possible. In this case, your blog content is more likely to appear in their Google search results while they are logged in. That’s why Google+ optimization should become an essential part of any business blog campaign.

To be ranked higher in search results one should not underestimate social media optimization too. Properly optimized social media content (text, images or video) can improve search visibility for people that are actively looking for your business-related information. Moreover, what people are discussing on blogs, Twitter, and other social networks can be a great tip for you on how to make your blog more useful and attract more visitors to your website. Hence, creating, optimizing and socializing blog content according to customers’ needs can be a powerful tool for small business that wants to be found or talked about in the relevant area.