What Should a Blogger Do Before He Presses the Publish Button?

What Should a Blogger Do Before He Presses the Publish Button?

Having a blog can be both a daunting and rewarding experience. You’ll have to work hard to make it work for you, but if you do it well, you can expect more customers attracted by fresh and interesting content. Let’s find out what one should do before posting an article.

The first thing you should do (even before you start writing) is to identify your audience, i.e. to determine your target audience. Who is going to read it? Actually, it greatly depends on the services your website provides. If you own a sample sales website, write about the clothes/shoes/jewelry you have to offer. Or … dive deep into the wallpapers, decoration and furniture issues if your website deals with apartments design. It is important to let your article ‘speak’ to the visitors, giving them more interesting and useful information.

Write it yourself. Do not copy someone else’s texts. This will not only help you develop your personal style of writing, but also will prevent your website from having any troubles dealing with plagiarizing someone’s work.

Another piece of advice is to count well – there should be just ONE topic in your article. Even if you feel like writing for hours on end, stop and cover only one idea in one post. Otherwise, the article will be hard to follow. It’s great if you have a lot of information to share, but try focusing on one subject at a time.

Provide a catchy title for your post. If it is unique, it will capture the visitors’ attention. It is very important since it’s the first thing your readers will see.

Be a responsible blogger. Adding pictures or videos will definitely revive the text. But before posting visual aids make sure they are not copyrighted.  Read the terms of use of the sites you are taking photos/videos from to be in compliance with their policies.

Don’t forget about the use of tags. Tags help the search engines make your content searchable and create an index and help readers find your article easier.

Make a pause and check if your post is well written. Having finished writing your article, save it and go back to it a few minutes later. It will be easier for you to notice errors you’ve missed originally. You can also read it out loud to help you identify things that aren’t working and call for additional editing. These are simple but very useful tips on how to make a good blog article.